Warning light

An X-ray warning light (or warning light) is another product of the Middle East-based New Medicine Company.
This device is one of the requirements for locations where X-ray imaging is performed, such as: Radiology Room
CT Scan
surgery room


The purpose of using a warning light

Purpose of use:
It is about alerting people to exposure and keeping them away from radiation.

This warning light will have two modes:

Exposure Mode: Pre-exposure and imaging. This is to announce readiness. This mode alerts when the yellow light is on.

Exposure Mode: This is during exposure and radiation. This is to keep people away and alert them to alarms when the red light is on.
Technical Specifications:
Use of high quality material to light up the lamp
Insert information by silkscreen printing and no use of LED label
Dimensions 6 * 15 * 15
Use a durable warning light
Use high quality and durable electronic board
Has sales service

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