Vest and skirt

X-rays are widely used in imaging, so its application is important. X-rays have their own disadvantages at high usage rates. Protective products against high and harmful radiation X-ray, vest and skirt.
Imaging is one of the diagnostic methods in medical science that has many applications in various fields, including: Radiology
CT Scan


As high as X-rays can be of major use in the above cases, in high doses it can:
Cause cell dysfunction or higher rates of cancer and even death. For this reason, it is essential to protect the health of people who are constantly on X-rays or patients who require multiple imaging to diagnose.
Lead coatings such as:

Lead Coat

Vest and skirt
Gennady Lead
Lead Thyroid Band And…

Why lead rubber?

Lead is an element with the symbol Pb and atomic number 82, which is in the category of heavy elements. It is a soft gray metallic element with hammering and flexibility. One of the most important features of this metal is the non-passage of radioactive radiation. Therefore, X-rays do not pass through gold, silver and lead. In addition to hammering, lead is more suitable in terms of price and availability than the other two metals, so lead is used in insulation and lead rubber in shields.

In the following pages we explain each of the protective products, now we will explain the vest and skirt as protective:

جلیقه و دامن

Vest and skirt

The lead vest and skirt is 0.5mm lead and waterproof overcoat that prevents moisture, dirt and water from penetrating.
This shield consists of two parts: The vest that covers the upper part of the body.
The skirt that protects the lower part of the body.

Vest and skirt dimensions are standard and can be resized at the user’s request.

Angiography Room
surgery room

Why Middle East Novine Medicine Company Products?

ISO 9001 and 13485 compliant
Use high quality lead with high purity
Use waterproof coating
Product lightness and ease of use
Available in a variety of colors to suit the user’s taste
Using world-class patterns and double-sided sewing
quality guarantee
Very reasonable price
After sales service

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