Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound gel application: Ultrasound is very effective in diagnosing body problems, especially in the abdomen in medical science.
Ultrasound waves without the gel do not give a clear image of the area in question, so they act as a conductor between the device and the body to provide the physician with more accurate information. When imaging and ultrasound, apply some gel to the site and then perform the imaging. Middle East Modern Medicine Company:
By delivering the highest quality gels, its special formulation strives to improve the quality of service to individuals.
The images scanned with these gels will always be clear and high quality and will provide the physician with more accurate information.
The high quality of the gel enhances the strength of conductivity and non-interference so it is important.

* These gels come in 260 cc, 1 liter and 5 liter volumes.

All of these gels have a good concentration, are free of alcohol and excess fat and therefore do not damage the ultrasound probe.

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ژل سونوگرافی اسکای Ultrasound Gel Specifications Available at Novin Teb Middle East Company:
Sky Gel

Brand: Malaysia

Available in 260cc and 5L volumes

Aqua Aqua Gel

Brand: Turk

In volumes of 260 cc and 1 liter

Healing Gel

Brand: Iranian

Available in 260cc and 5L volumes