In imaging, an efficient device called a Negatoscope, or Light Box, is used to prepare the film for detection and detection. In essence, this device allows physicians and users to display the details of radiology films uniformly by producing light. Therefore, the importance of using a negoscope in modern science and medical diagnosis is undeniable.

The new generation uses LED lamps instead of fluorescent lamps.

The following table compares fluorescent and LED lamps:


 لامپ‌های ال ای دی (LED)لامپ‌های فلورسنت (Fluorescent)
پخش نور پراکندهندارد دارد
پخش نور منظمداردندارد
تعداد لامپ مصرفی در نگاتسکوپکمتربیشتر
ضخامت کمتربیشتر
مقاومت لامپ‌ها دربرابر روشن و خاموش شدنبیشترکمتر
طول عمر لامپبیشترکمتر
فاصله لامپ و صفحه بیشترکمتر
تولید گرماندارددارد
مصرف انرژیکمتربیشتر
نیاز به مدار ولتاژ قابل تنظیم ندارددارد



By analyzing the table above, it is easy to see that the use of a negoscope with LED lamps will be far more appropriate and sparkling, as well as the inconsistency of light and shading can confuse the physician’s diagnosis!

Here are some tips for using the Negoscope:

In different parts of hospitals
Operating room negoscope
Imaging centers
Universities medical or educational unit


New Middle East Medicine Company




New Middle Eastern Medicine Co., a manufacturer of imaging equipment and radiation protection products, delivers the best quality of telescopes using the latest technology.

As we have discovered through some reviews of some of the problems of market negatcops, the following are some important points to explain:

Light Temperature: As you know, light temperatures of varying degrees can produce the desired colors of light. On many pages of negoscopes we see blue light (as seen on digital display screens) that over time can cause fatigue and strain on the user’s eyes.
Luxury Light: The brightness of the screen is directly related to the light penetration in the films. In many cases, we have difficulty seeing some films, especially mammography films, due to the low light intensity (and low penetration of light) in the film.
Noise Generation: In many cases we also see noise on imaging devices in places where the Negoscope is used. This allows them to be installed and used outside the imaging room.



نگاتسکوپ نگاتسکوپ نگاتسکوپ


New Middle Eastern Medicine negatcope:

The most important feature of this negoscope is having a film detection sensor in all sizes. By placing the film on the screen automatically only the part of the movie is lit. This reduces energy consumption, eliminates excess light, enhances precision of work, prevents tiredness of the user’s eyes, and so on.

You can also reduce or increase the light intensity by using the adjustment screw, or by adjusting the adjustment panel to cut the light from the bottom of the negoscope as desired.

For example, by inserting the periapical film of the tooth, the screen of the negatcope can be illuminated to the same size, or only to illuminate the same area to see a particular part of the CT scan.

or… .



The following table introduces some of the features of this company’s negoscopes:

جنس بدنهآلومینیوم
نوع لامپ مصرفیلامپ‌های LED
طول عمر لامپ100,000 ساعت
دمای رنگ نور9600 کلوین
لوکس نور4000+
شدت نور یکنواختنور کاملا یکنواخت با استفاده از سیستم PWM
سنسوردارای سنسور تشخیص فیلم
پیچ‌های تنظیم نگاتسکوپدارای دو پیج تنظیم شدت نور و کات نور از پایین 
منبع تغذیهبدون نویز با استفاده از سیستم Switching
گارانتی5 سال گارانتی تعویض بی قید و شرط
رنگ بندیدارای کالیته رنگ

Customize the device according to customer’s request and taste.

It is possible to desktop the device with a stand.

Negoscope models:

Negatoscopes in terms of classification into models:

Built-in and upholstered
1 house, 2 houses, 3 houses, 4 houses
Radiology & Dental

Are provided.

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