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Lead ingestion is a set of operations in which insulating chambers are insulated and lead insulation is prevented from leaving radiation. Despite measures such as optimizing the output power of the device or exposure time, the presence and reflection of radiation in the imaging chambers is still undeniable, so isolation of these locations and surrounding devices is essential to protect the health of those who are constantly exposed to radiation. .

Reasons for choosing lead:

Lead is an element with the symbol Pb and atomic number 82, which is in the category of heavy elements. It is a soft gray metallic element with hammering and flexibility. One of the most important features of this metal is the non-passage of radioactive radiation.

X-rays are used to diagnose diseases, so it is important to use them in medical science and treatment. In other words, depending on the duration and intensity of radiation, this radiation can cause DNA and genetic abnormalities. It does not pass through gold, silver and lead. Lead, in addition to hammering, is more convenient in terms of price and availability than the other two metals, so lead is used in the insulation of imaging chambers. Lead sheets used in X-ray imaging chambers are produced by cold rolling method at thicknesses of 1.5 and 2 mm, depending on the amount of radiation.

Imaging Room Leadership Standards:


نوع کاربری اتاق ارتفاع به سانتی‌متر ضخامت ورقه سرب به میلی‎‌متر نیاز به سربکوبی کف نیاز به سربکوبی سقف ارتفاع شیشه از کف به سانتی‌متر سایز شیشه سربی به سانتی‌متر سایز قاب سربی به سانتی‌متر
اتاق پری اپیکال(تک دندان)   220     1.5 140 20*10 28*15
اتاق پانورکس ( OPG)   220     1.5 135 20*20 28*28
اتاق ماموگرافی   220    1.5
سربکوبی اتاق رادیولوژی  DDR   220    2 دارد 90 80*60 88*68
سربکوبی اتاق سی‌تی اسکن   300    2 دارد دارد 90 120*80 128*88
اتاق آنژیوگرافی   300    2 دارد دارد 90 200*100 210*110
سربکوبی اتاق عمل Carm (ارتوپدی)   220    2 دارد
اتاق سنگ شکن   220    2 60*40 68*48
اتاق ERCP(اسکوپی)   220    2

Steps :
Visiting and reviewing the desired location, including: Measurement and Expertise of the Environment by an experienced Middle Eastern medicine team Estimating the cost and preparing a field report from the site
Sending executives and executives in the shortest time, with the best quality and with the approval of the Atomic Energy Organization
Frequently Asked Questions:
How to fasten the sheets to the wall? – This is done by screws and roll plates.
How is the cost of doing work calculated? – The cost estimate is calculated based on the day price of the lead sheet and after measuring the desired location including the installation fee.
Is it done after dosimetry? – Yes – Dosimetry will be done upon request by the Center to the Atomic Energy Agency.
Is there a guarantee from the company? – Yes, 2% of the amount will be accepted as good after the dosimeter. Services related to lead:
Traditional lead: In this case, the lead sheets are placed on the wall and are blocked by a plate and roll plate.
Lead Partition (Lead chamber): A state that presses lead between two layers of wood and uses it as a (portable) wall. The best case for leased locations is lead partitioning because it can be moved to another location.
Lead wall: It is a case of pressing lead from one side to the wood and mounting it to the wall. This item is also removable.
Why Choose Middle Eastern Medicine Company?
Approved by the Atomic Energy Agency
Use the highest quality of high purity lead sheet
Applying appropriate thickness to the layers in accordance with the graphics room
Lead overlap together with no overlap
Careful in sensitive locations such as door frames and sockets and keys
Using a trained and experienced Isolacon team
Doing the project in the least time and the best quality
He has a track record in many hospitals and medical centers in Tehran and the city
Proper guarantee of work and no radiation leaks
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