Lead Paravan

In this section we want to talk about another important imaging equipment. Lead paravan is one of the devices used as a separator.

In cases where the radiation is near the device, it must use a shield that acts as a wall against radiation in order to prevent radiation exposure. Since building a room will be costly and time consuming, it is more appropriate to use lead paravan.

The advantage of using lead paravan
Save time and money
Available in 3 standard slots and foldable slats
Available in different designs and colors to suit the client’s taste
Wheel and ease of movement


Lead sheet is used in making paravan. Lead is one of the metals that act as a barrier against X-rays and radioactive substances and prevent them from passing.

In standard mode, the lead sheet thickness is 2 mm and the dimension is 2 * 1 (2 sheets with middle sheet dimensions: 1 * 2 and side sheets 1 * 2).
However, depending on the use and type of use, the parameters may vary in lead thickness, the number of slats more or less and the dimensions smaller or larger as well as the color, layout and finish of the case.
Some paravans will also come with lead glass.

Bone Densitometry
Dental X-ray


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