Lead gloves

Other protective equipment against x-rays and radiation is lead gloves.
This glove is used to compensate for the risk of exposure to scattered radiation during the diagnostic and therapeutic stages.
This protector comes in two types: Ordinary lead gloves
Lead latex gloves is presented.
These gloves have a lead level of 0.5 mm and each has its own characteristics and applications. Application:
surgery room
nuclear medicine


Each time the image is taken, the X-ray travels through the body in contact with the internal structures.
Sometimes imaging requires multiple images. However, the negative effects of scattered X-rays for physicians and assistants can be reduced by using protective products.

The following is a brief overview of how to use this protector:

Application of lead gloves in fluoroscopy:

One of the places where this shielding is important is fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is a method that provides real-time X-ray imaging. This method is particularly useful for guiding a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures. Fluoroscopic ability to represent motion by a continuous series of images produced at maximum speed, in fact 25 to 30 full images per second. This is similar to the conventional TV or video playback.
Fluoroscopy usually uses contrast material or contrast material to observe the path.
It is worth noting that during the fluoroscopy, a protective glove such as this glove is necessary.

Application of Lead Gloves in Nuclear Medicine:

Nuclear medicine is a branch of imaging science and medical physics that uses the nuclear properties of materials. This type of imaging can provide visual information of the body’s metabolic processes and functions.
As this type of imaging uses radioactive material, it is recommended that users exposed to radiation wear lead protection, including this glove. دستکش سربی دستکش سربی لاتکس Why the Middle East New Medicine Company?
Use high quality lead with the highest purity
Use waterproof and waterproof coating to prevent moisture, water, dirt and …
The use of world-class spirits and stitching and multi-edging
Approved by Iran Atomic Energy
Guarantee of goods

Modern Middle Eastern Medicine is proud to take an important step towards protecting the physical health of patients and staff of diagnostic centers by providing radiation protection services.