Lead Glasses

Application of lead glasses:

In cases where radiation is directly exposed to ionizing radiation (such as nuclear medicine, radiology, angiography, operating room, urology, and other X-ray diagnostic applications) because:
The eye is much more sensitive to other body tissues,
To prevent these damages, it is necessary to protect them appropriately (such as using lead glasses).

X-ray Eye Damage:

As the radiation exceeds the standard range, the risks and harms will increase.
This causes problems such as: Lethargy and exhaustion
Skin disorders
Incidence of cancer
And all kinds of serious damage to the eyes.

Many people get anxious when they hear the word X-ray, while many are unaware of the dangers and dangers of being exposed to the rays around them.

Radiation directly affects all areas and surfaces of the eye, and is one of the most common causes of eyelid cancer.
The other side effects of direct irradiation are the formation of pterygium, inflammation of the cornea and the formation of a tumor on the eyelid.
Early cataracts, drying of the eyes and the appearance of yellow spots in the eye are other harmful and negative effects of direct exposure to various types of radiation.
Therefore, the use of lead glasses will be undeniable.


All health care staff as well as patients exposed to various types of radiation must be protected to protect their eyes: Special eye protection products, including lead glasses, are always on the top of their radiation protection list.

The use of lead glasses (type 0.5mm or type 0.75mm) can reduce the absorbed dose in the eyes by up to 98%.
In these cases, it is recommended that radiologists wear lead glasses.
The design of these glasses is usually made of high quality lead glass of 0.5mm or 0.75mm lead. In addition, the glass surfaces of these glasses are coated with materials to prevent opacity or opacity. عینک سربی بغل سربدار عینک سربی ساده عینک سربی بغل سربدار

Types of lead glasses:

ساده Simple glasses with ordinary frame made in Iran

جنوبی South Korean lead eyeglasses or bulletproof eyeglasses

Why the Middle East New Medicine Company?
Product convenience when using
Protect the eyes of users and patients completely
High durability of frames and glass
Use high quality glass

One of the features of lead glasses is the Middle East Company’s modern medicine.

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