lead door

Imaging rooms are also used to prevent x-rays or radiation from ionizing materials in addition to lead sequestration.

Radiology rooms
CT Scan
surgery room
nuclear medicine

Lead Door Depending on the application in three types:

Hand rail
Rail Motorized

It is produced and supplied.

Technical Features
1) Lead hinged door
The use of high-quality, yet lightweight wood, due to the heavy weight of lead, the wood used in the door must be low weight in addition to its high strength so that the finished product does not overweight.
The use of solid grids, due to the lead being placed in the middle layer of the lid and the need for lead and wood adhesion, requires cold pressing, hence the need for solid grids.
The type of door can be HDF and MDF.
For this type of door requires a strong and solid frame and bearing hinges.
2) Lead Rail Door

The advantage of the rail door over its hinged door is that it is large in size so it fits overlap side walls.

Manual Rail Door Lid:

The first step in installing this type of door is to have enough space.
The door above is mounted on a rail mounted above the entrance; due to the high quality of the rail used, the door is not heavy and can be easily opened and closed.
The method used in this door is MDF, composite and steel.
Iron coil in four directions for maintenance.

Motorized Lead Door:

In addition to the features mentioned in the manual rail, this type of door features an eye sensor and a motor that easily opens and closes.
Ability to add controls from the control room or add a password to open and close the door.

Novin Teb Middle East is the manufacturer and supplier of the above doors and offers two years warranty in addition to free installation.

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