the emergence and fixation drug

What is the emergence and fixation drug?

When an X-ray or light hits a radiographic film, the hidden image will be based on the amount of light produced. This image is invisible to the eye. So the information recorded there has to be transformed into a visible, permanent image under a chemical process, known as emergence and fixation. Today, this is done with automatic devices and emerging and fixed drugs.

Overall Appearance of the Photo in the Photography Process:
It is used to remake particles of the past light of silver in the emulsion of photographic films.
During this process and after going through the fixation, the imaging achievement is visible in room light. Photographic films basically contain silver halides, especially silver bromide, which are very sensitive to light and react.
When the light hits the emulsion in the film, it makes changes that lead to the image being engraved, but the image at this stage is hidden and invisible, requiring a chemical reaction in the name of appearance. After that, the film had to be placed in a fixation tank to display the recorded image of the estuary. داروی ظهور و ثبوت The steps to make an image appear are as follows:

Keep in mind that if any of the steps mentioned above are not done correctly, the results will not be very satisfactory.

New Middle Eastern Medicine Company offers two brands of emerging medicine:

Champions in the form of 10 liters of emerging drug and 10 liters of concentrate in need of water
The world emerges in the form of 5 liters and 5 liters of fixation
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