Double sided lead cover

X-rays are widely used in medical science and diagnostics and radioactive materials in nuclear medicine. Since these radiation can be harmful in large quantities, the dangers of overuse cannot be ignored. Radiation of these X rays in large quantities can cause cellular dysfunction, transient abnormalities, cancer, and eventually death. Suggest that double-sided lead overalls (or double-sided lead operons) can be an effective tool.

Therefore, bi-directional lead cover is used in some diagnostic methods where X-rays are used.

The lead thickness of this type of cover is 0.5 mm and both sides, front and back, has a lead cover which is used in operating room, angiography and …

Similar products include the one-sided overalls, children’s lead overalls and skirt vests, etc.

Characteristics of double-sided lead sheaths of Novin Teb Middle East Company:
Holder of ISO 9001 and 13485. official permit
Made of the highest quality lead (highest purity)
Lightness and convenience of the product due to the use of the best lead rubber
Use world-class design patterns for better protection and convenience
Very strong and double-sided stitching and equal to the outer specimens
Variety in design and color according to customer’s taste
Price very reasonable compared to quality
Waterproof and scratchproof coating and prevent moisture, water and dirt from penetrating روپوش سربی دوطرفه

Instructions for Using Double Sided Lead Coating:

Remove the cover from the cover.
Pass the hands through the sleeve ring, then bring the left part of the robe to the right and the right part to the left and glue it.
Then fasten the buckles to the left.


Be sure to hang the Operon before and after use.
Avoid corrosion.
Do not be exposed to flames and flammable materials.
Avoid sharp objects.

* If you are stained or dirty, you can gently coat the cloth with a soft cloth and wipe it off.