Novinteb-e Khavarmiyane Company with registration number 482624 only bearing standard ASTM F2547: 2006 certification and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification, concerned with protecting and promoting the health of patients and health professionals against X-rays, gamma rays and radioactive damage in 2015 It started.

The complex strives to raise the level of knowledge and skills of personnel by attracting and employing specialists in the field of radiation protection and holding specialized courses.

NovinTeb-e Khavarmiyane Company has also been able to take an important step in improving family health and improving the quality of disease diagnosis using the latest and most advanced manufacturing equipment.

NovinTeb-e Khavarmiyane Company manufacturer of lead X-ray protective clothing while committing itself to risk management to produce safe and safe products for the consumer and in accordance with national and international standards, effective design and implementation of medical equipment quality management system. Based on ISO9001: 2016 and ISO13485: 2016 standards set the pattern for continuous improvement in the organization.
Hoping to improve the quality of our products, we strive to deliver effective service to improve our quality management system while meeting customer expectations.
In order to move towards its policy, the company has begun to set the following goals in the pursuit of quality policy.
1. Consideration and fulfillment of legal requirements
2- Increasing customer satisfaction
3. Increasing the quality of the organization’s products
4- Increasing production efficiency and production capacity
5. Increase staff awareness

The above principles are stated as the main solution in the NovinTeb-e Khavarmiyane Company of the world and all respected personnel is urged to make every effort to move in this direction.

Wishing to accomplish the company’s excellent goals.

Novinteb e khavarmiyane