Lead Sheet

Lead sheet is one of the lead metal products that is widely used in the manufacture of shields and shields for radiation protection.
First let’s get to know the lead element:

Ferrari lead is a group of intermediate elements in the periodic table with the symbol Pb and atomic number 82. It is a shiny, toxic gray metal element that if recently shaved has a bluish-white color. It is the heaviest stable element with the ability to flex and hammer. Other features include:

Low electrical conductivity
Resistance to acidic properties, corrosion and caries
No radiation
Plasticity And…
He pointed out that among these features, it is very important for us not to pass radiation.

Lead has many applications in addition to the medical industry and radiation protection in the construction, shotgun and industrial applications.

Application of Lead Sheet in Lead Insulation and Protectors

X-rays do not pass through the three elements of gold, silver and lead. Lead is more cost-effective in terms of availability and also cheaper than the other two elements for making shielding and insulation. Therefore, lead sheets are used for insulation and lead casting, and lead rubber is used to make lead shields.
Lead sheet is produced by cold rolling method in thicknesses of 1.5 and 2 mm. The application of each thickness depends on the type of graphing room. This sheet is used in radiology, computed tomography, mammography, angiography, operating room, dental x-rays as well as in the preparation of paravans, doors, lead partitions and lead walls.


نوع کاربری اتاق ضخامت ورقه سرب به میلی‎‌متر
اتاق پری اپیکال(تک دندان)     1.5
اتاق پانورکس ( OPG)     1.5
اتاق ماموگرافی    1.5
اتاق رادیولوژی DDR    2
اتاق سی‌تی اسکن    2
اتاق آنژیوگرافی    2
اتاق عمل CR (ارتوپدی)    2
اتاق سنگ شکن    2
اتاق ERCP(اسکوپی)    2

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