Childrens Lead Coat

Excessive X-rays as well as radioactive radiation are harmful and dangerous. These rays in large quantities can disrupt the function of cells and proliferate or even cause cancer and eventually death. In cases where it is necessary to protect parts of the child’s body during imaging, a child’s lead overcoat may be used.

This model of lead overalls is similar in quality to that of adults and has been developed for use by children exposed to radiation. Radiology, nuclear medicine, operating room, etc. can be used.

Exquisite and comfortable design for wearing and removing the hood, embossing straps for tightening and tightening the hood, attractive and versatile designs for children to use and so on.

Lead children’s clothing is available in two sizes of 3 to 6 years and 6 to 12 years.

The Benefits of Using Middle Eastern Novin Medicine Products

Holder of ISO 9001 and 13485
Using the highest quality lead (highest purity)
Lightness and comfort of the product due to the use of the best lead rubber
Use world-class design patterns for better protection and convenience
Very strong and double-sided stitching and equal to the outer specimens
Price very reasonable compared to quality Instructions for using a childrens cover
Remove the cover from the cover.
Pass your arms through the sleeve ring and cover the hood with the side that covers the front of the body (chest and abdomen).
Cross the hinge straps from the back, then bring forward and close the buckle. Maintenance
Be sure to hang the hood before and after use.
Avoid corrosion.
Do not be exposed to flames and flammable materials.
Avoid sharp objects.

* If you are stained or dirty, you can gently coat and wipe it with a damp cloth.


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